Who do you love?

IMG_4640After this disappointing garden year, I’m raising my spirits by thinking about next year.  What vegetable varieties from my list will I grow again next year?  What were disappointments (blight not included), surprise loves, rainy day champions?

On the definites list:
BROCCOLI — Piracicaba ** Fedco
This broccoli was delicious, kept coming all summer, and was relatively slug proof once it lived through seedling stage

BRUSSELS SPROUTS — Oliver  **  Johnny’s  Oliver produced.
We haven’t eaten any yet, but they look great.  Purple Falstaff, not so much :-(

CABBAGE — Gonzales  **  Pine Tree
Easy peasy and perfect for 2

CAULIFLOWER — Limelight, Cheddar  and Graffitti  **  Pine Tree
Yummy and amusing, what more can you ask of a vegetable?

CHARD — Bright Lights  **  Pine Tree
Tasty, long producing, beautiful

KALE — Starbor, Nero di Toscana  **  Pine Tree

LEEKS — King Sieg  **  Fedco
cold hardy, thrived on neglect, yummy

SQUASH — Flying Saucers, Yellow Crookneck  **  Pine Tree
Costata Romanesca  **  Fedco

Sungold  **  Pine Tree
Matt’s Wild Cherry  **  Johnny’s
I’ve got to grow this blight proof producer

Tom Thumb  **  Pine Tree
Black Seeded Simpson, Red Sails  **  Fedco

While the summer’s harvest is fresh in your mind, what’s on your must have list?

10 Responses to “Who do you love?”

  1. Kim Says:

    So what is the trick to growing brussel sprouts?

    • Ali Says:

      High fertility, sweet soil, adequate water, and top them (break the top shoots off) about 4 weeks before the first frost. Pick them just before a deep hard freeze, and store them in a cool place on the stalk until needed. We also kept ours under floating row cover for a long time, and then I hand picked any cabbage worms.

      I just love them pan blackened, cajun style, or with caramelized onions and pecans, or bacon, or stuffed with mustardy crumbs and cheese….

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    I liked sugar snax carrots. They grew pretty well and I love long carrots in the kitchen. They are so much easier to peel. I guess the work just gets transferred to preparing the bed. I loved the Market Miracle tomatoes. They produced a lot more than any other tomato in my garden. The German Extra Hardy garlic did great in a bad garlic year. I loved Bright Lights too, but I think I liked the Rhubarb Chard a bit better. I might grow both next year.

  3. Robin Says:

    Juliette grape tomatoes held up well in spite of blight this summer. They were a huge hit with customers at a restaurant I supply.

  4. GrafixMuse Says:

    I am most surprised that my peppers survived and produced after their struggle with the cold and rainy June and July we had. Only a few ripened to red, but even the green Big Chili II had wonderful flavor when roasted. I want to grow these again next year. My one and only Early Jalapeno plant produced a lot of fruit rather late in the season. I will grow more of these next year too.

    Fast Break melons will also be a repeat next year. I was able to harvest 12 melons from 3 plants. There would have been more if the weather was more normal.

  5. julie Says:

    It’s not what I love, but what my chickens love. Grape tomatoes, they could not get enough of them and were not willing to share with me.

  6. wf Says:

    Hi there. I meant to ask you about the HH. Whats growing in there now? I wish I could have one….but seems like a daunting task : ).

    Hope you 2 are doing well.

    • Ali Says:

      Check out the hoophouse page, https://henbogle.wordpress.com/homemade-pvc-hoophouse-construction/ It was NOT that difficult. No power tools needed if you buy the lumber and have the lumber yard cut it (Home Depot will do it for $1 per cut in Maine).

      Right now in there I have Swiss Chard, leeks, kale, lettuce and spinach just germinating! I will post about it again very soon….

      But, I would be happy to offer on-line consulting on building a hoophouse. For us, it has really extended the seasons in 2 very disheartening gardening years, so I am really glad I have it. I want a bigger one next time :-). Feel free to e-mail me at henbogle at gmail dot com with more questions!

  7. Mangochild Says:

    Great list and record for what to do next year. I didn’t grow many varieties/items, so making a list seems of limited value…. but I’ll definitely do only Fairy Tale eggplant and skip the Bambino varliey – almost all of the Fairy Tale set fruit, and they bore fruit much more frequently and gave a larger product. Plus, I think they are tastier :-)
    I’ll also skip the okra (too picky with the unpredictable weather over here) and maybe go for another pepper variety instead.

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