Winter is coming.  This week, we enjoyed a brief reprieve, but the signs are here.  Last weekend, we traveled north to a friend’s lakeside camp just north of Brownville.  It was cold, and the lake had begun to skim over with ice, but a small breeze stirred the water and broke up the ice, which made the most amazing sound, like musical crickets.  The gray skies were from the fringes of Hurricane Ida which dumped 5 inches of rain at Henbogle.  See and hear the ice below.


4 Responses to “Ice”

  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    We got six inches of rain from that storm here. I couldn’t believe how hard it rained. Down here we have no ice forming yet. Our nights went barely below freezing a couple of times last week, but just barely. The forecast says it may not even freeze again until December. What weird weather.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    amazing! You are so lucky!

    Does your friend need more friends : ) ?

    I meant to ask you if you heat up the HH at any point?

    • Ali Says:

      My friend loves to make new friends…. come to Maine and I’ll introduce you. The hoophouse is unheated, so any day now it will get cold enough so that the plants will become dormant or die. I’m hoping the Swiss chard and lettuce will last through this week, and the spinach will overwinter.

  3. chook Says:

    wow, that does sound like crickets! thanks for posting this. i would complain about the incessant rain here in Oregon, but that would but futile, wouldn’t it?

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