Maine’s veggie season keeps going, and going….

Check out the article in the Portland Press Herald about Maine farmer’s adopting season extending practices to meet the demand for local veggies deep into the dark days. Whoo hoo!

There’s a terrific indoor winter farmer’s market in Brunswick.  Dan and I were there on Saturday, and the vegetables were gorgeous.  There are tables so you can purchase food and coffee and sit and enjoy the musical entertainment or the positive, vibrant atmosphere.  I love it!


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  1. weez Says:

    That is awesome!

  2. Jean Says:

    Like you, I’m delighted to have more local fresh veggies available in winter. I just finished a lunch salad made of delicious fresh salad greens from New Leaf Farm in Durham. (I bought them at Royal River in Freeport.) But I didn’t know about the indoor farmer’s market in Brunswick. It might be worth the trip! When it is open?

    • Ali Says:

      Jean, the Brunswick Winter Market is in Fort Andross, near the flea market, and is open Saturdays at 9 am, I’m not sure when they close.

  3. Lynn on Pleasant St. Says:

    Hi Ali! Thanks for sharing that link. I forwarded the link to our CSA farmer Ben. We bought the winter share and so far it’s been REALLY good!! Today we pick up the huge Thanksgiving Share…I think I will have to bring two big bags with me!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Ali Says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Which farm is your CSA farm? I’d love to hear more about your winter share… and what the Thanksgiving share includes. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. mangochild Says:

    I too love the growth of year-round and winter markets. I just found out that a new one is opening that is much closer to me. I’ve gone to one that is considerably bigger (and further away) last year, but I do appreciate the addition. It makes going through the winter much easier, and having the fresh produce on the table makes a huge difference.

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