Coldest night yet

Last night the temperature in the hoophouse dipped to 21.4°F.  That is the coldest night we’ve had at Henbogle this fall; November 19 it dipped to 22°F. We’ve got snow predicted for the weekend.  It looks like our mild fall is drawing to a close.

Methinks it is time to harvest the last of the lettuce and the final brussels sprout before they freeze, and add some additional mulch to the leeks and the garlic.  We’ve had so much rain, I hope the garlic is surviving.  Fortunately Dan will be home before it is dark and will be able to harvest the lettuce while he can see.  These days, I’m gardening by headlamp when I get home.  Here’s hoping for an early spring!

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  1. jp Says:

    Hi Ali – I too have a hoophouse (in Northern Vermont) with lots of beautiful lettuce and a habit of nighttime headlamp gardening! I’m always so amazed at how beautifully the lettuce bounces back after a cold night/morning. It’s as though nothing has happened. Anyhow, here’s our solution to keep everything in the ground as long as possible. We’ve made a second (interior) hoop system over our beds using waterline. In case, like me, you’re unfamiliar with that, it comes as a coil of flexible black plastic in varying diameters and lengths. We bought 100′ for about $30, and trimmed it to make half circle hoops that stand up in our beds so that we can then pull extra plastic over. We haven’t had to put on the plastic yet, which is downright weird as it’s December, but it should buy us some more time!

  2. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    Wow, that looks awesome, Ali! I’m afraid a hoophouse is going to be high on the priority list for next year. I say “afraid” because at this time of year I feel so exhausted and the idea of tackling another major project is so daunting. But your pictures sure provide inspiration/motivation. Enjoy those salads!

  3. julie Says:

    Ali I am so impressed with your hoop house gardening, the lettuce looks wonderful. My “girls” have been tucked in for the night with their heat lamp glowing! I could see snow on Mt. Washington as I was driving on route 302 this morning. I’d rather the snow stayed righ where it is!

  4. Lou Murray, Ph.D. Says:

    Gorgeous lettuce. And in December! Amazing. It’s been so warm here (southern California) that we haven’t turned the heat on yet. I’m still harvesting eggplant and bell peppers. –Lou

  5. Daphne Gould Says:

    That is some really beautiful lettuce. I picked all of mine from the garden on Monday. When it gets around 29F one variety of my lettuce gets frost burn so I wanted to avoid the really cold weather. Without a hoop house I’m going to have to pick every thing tomorrow. Right now it is raining here, but this weekend it might snow and the ground might freeze solid for the year. Ah time for winter.

  6. mangochild Says:

    Your lettuce looks lovely – as another poster said, all the more so because its December! I am impressed with how well the hoophouse gardening goes :-) Not yet getting very cold here in CT (mostly in the 50s with a few low 60s days) but I know it’ll come soon – this weekend is supposed to be a cold rainy Saturday.

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