Hoophouse harvest

With the weather trending toward colder temperatures, it was time to harvest the remaining Brussels sprout and the lettuce and Swiss chard in the hoophouse.  Dan got home before dark today and even washed the lettuce before I got home!

The greens are gorgeous.  The cold weather really deepened the color of some of the red chard and red lettuce.  We decided to blanch and freeze the chard for soups and quiche after dinner, so we packed the lettuce away and I cooked a quick turkey soup for dinner (with a green salad, naturally).  The soup with the exception  of the oil, celery and a red bell pepper is about as local as it gets.  It was delish.  We’ll be enjoying a lot more salads this week, perhaps with some turkey added, and a honey mustard dressing I’ve been making and enjoying lately.

Once we slurped our soup, we quickly blanched and packaged up 6 pints of rainbow happiness, ready to make me smile when I make soup this winter.  YUM!

I’ll have to peek in the hoophouse to see how bare it looks tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait for spring!


3 Responses to “Hoophouse harvest”

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  2. mangochild Says:

    Wow. Just wow. Beautiful for the eyes, and I’m sure for the mouth as well. Rainbow veg just make me smile, and you’re right that the bit of cold sweetens them enormously. The kale I had last night was possibly the sweetest yet.

  3. Daphne Gould Says:

    That is a lot of beautiful chard. I’m going to have to go out and pick mine tomorrow along with almost anything else in the garden. It is going to get cold.

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