Undeserved awards

Ahem.  Well, although my posting has been a bit sparse of late, two of my readers have seen fit to honor me with an award.  Thank you Robin of Season’s Eatings Farm, an incredibly inspiring farmer and writer from Downeast Maine, and Carlita, formerly of Bar Harbor but who recently moved to Washington,D.C. to start an awesome new job doing good work for communities.  I’m not sure I deserve these, but I do appreciate them!

Several years ago, when I was mooning about wanting a hoophouse, I found an article online about building one from rebar and pvc pipe.  That was my first introduction to Robin, as she wrote that article, which I only realized much later after I had become a regular reader of her blog, and had built my own hoop house with advice and inspiration from Robin and many others.  So really, I should be giving her an award for inspiring people to take advantage of their backyards to become more connected to, and responsible for, the food they eat.

Carlita and I met through work some years ago, when she was first a student who won an award from the organization I worked for, later became an AmeriCorps member with my organization, and then eventually joined me in the office where we worked together.  An incredibly smart and focused person, Carlita is also one of the bravest I know, willing to critically examine her life and do the hard work needed to grow both personally and professionally.  She will be doing great work in D.C. as a bureaucrat, and I’m happy to know that she is looking after programs funded by my tax dollars.

Here’s the kind of quirky thing.  Carlita is originally from Downeast Maine, not too far from where Robin lives, and they have a friend in common.  How quirky is that?  Maine is a big small town.

And now for the cop-out.  I’m supposed to pass this award along to 15 others, but to be honest, most of the blogs I read have already received this award, and I feel uncomfortable about asking others to nominate more winners, etc. etc. etc.  So instead, I promise I will update my blogroll very soon, because really, in my opinion, every blog I read deserves an award.  Really, I mean it.  Thanks again, Carlita and Robin!


2 Responses to “Undeserved awards”

  1. mangochild Says:

    Sparse or frequent, I love reading your posts, and I think those awards are *very* well deserved!

  2. jeannie Says:

    Ali, You deserve them. You and Dan work very hard on your home and garden. Now how does the saying go, “Work hard, and play even harder”. Love you two ya’know!

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