A pretty morning

We received about 5 inches of snow last evening, our first snow of any significance this year.  Overnight, the skies cleared, making for a pretty morning.  Click photos to enlarge.

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4 Responses to “A pretty morning”

  1. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Love the snow effect you have going on your page, too! T’is the season! :-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We got the same in Dutchess Co. NY!!!


  3. jeannie Says:

    I love your pics of the snow since we don’t get it here in Fl. But I still love coming down for the cold weather and I really don’t miss the iced roads and waiting for the plow to come through:)

  4. Kim Says:

    Us too. Love the snow just not all the work that follows it ;)

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