Arctic blast

Brrr.  This morning at 5:30, it was barely 2°F in the hoophouse.  Our mild fall is so over.  The chooks will be getting some warmed-up leftover rice this morning!


5 Responses to “Arctic blast”

  1. mangochild Says:

    Its cold here too! We went from the high 50s to the low 20s in only a couple of days, and with the wind today we’ll be in the teens. Yipes – a rude awakening indeed. Stay warm!

  2. Emily Says:

    We had negative 9 this morning as we left for work. It sure has gotten cold!!

  3. David Says:

    Spruce- Unrelated to the cold… but I love the the picture on the front page. It is an awesome shot and it captures everything about your site.

  4. jeannie Says:

    Even though I’m in Florida it was a little cool down here. It was about 63* today, and the wind was really strong from the coastal area into us. And it was a cold rain too. But as long as you both have each other for warmth who cares!

  5. julie Says:

    -5 this morning. Thank goodness for L.L.Beans flannel lined jeans, I will survive the winter weather in them from now till spring!

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