Winter gardening

After the deluge of rain on Sunday, yesterday was clear and mild.  We took advantage of vacation and the weather to do a bit of gardeningand work on a few other yard projects.  We hung some new icicle lights from the barn and shed for our entertainment (clearly, we are easily entertained).  We changed out the girls water and cleaned Henbogle Coop, and spread the

straw on some garden beds, over the compost layer I added in the fall.  In spring, I will rake off the straw and turn over this bed again.  We are reconfiguring this area of the garden; these 2 beds used to be a raised bed running perpendicularly to the rest of the garden, which deteriorated.

We removed it and this fall, configured it like the remainder of the garden.   Just two similar raised beds remain, now, perpendicular to the hoophouse.  One has a nice bunch of green onions still growing, another, some Tuscan kale and parsley hanging in there, and the remaining Piricicaba broccoli plants which did not get pulled.  The far end hosted our yummy Brussells sprouts, alas, now long eaten.



Behind the hoophouse, to the right of the smaller Hendome, you can see the leeks, some Redbor Kale, and a few remaining frost-damaged Gonzales cabbages I am offering to the girls.

While we gardened, and aired the Coop, the girls enjoyed the green grass now bared by the rain, and were snarfing it down.

The last project of the day was to repair the garden shed roof.  We have delayed replacing the roof, hoping to be able to find these rainbow roof shingles, but alas, the roof is now leaking, so we will replace it this summer, maybe with a painted metal roof in a pretty shade.  I’ll miss those old-timey rainbow shingles, though. Dan tacked some tar paper on over the leaky bit and called it good for now.  By then the sky had clouded over and a few raindrops could be felt.  Time to move inside for the day.  In the morning, the grass was white and winter had returned.  Oh well.


5 Responses to “Winter gardening”

  1. chook Says:

    hendome. *snort*

  2. Kim Says:

    The thaw and melt was great but shortly lived!

  3. Lindsay Says:

    I love this blog! What a great little farm you have. I hope some day to be in the spot you are…and not a clueless city girl forever. Thanks for your pictures! What type of gardens do you have? Do you garden in traditional rows? (If you don’t mind my asking)

  4. Thomas Says:

    I just took a closer look at your hoop house construction. Outstanding! I will definitely be using it as a point of reference next year. I’d really like to build one myself!

  5. John Says:

    Just found your blog while looking up rainwater collection. While I grew up in the country I am a city boy these days. I love what you have done. I made a similar hoop house in my back yard to get a jump on the planting season. What do you do with your rain barrels in the winter? Do you have problems with them freezing? Also I know your leaking nozzle has probably long been replaced, but I found really great nozzles and hose from both Dramm and Gilmour.

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