Hoophouse repair

Tuesday’s winds did more than give extra lift to my hens, it also damaged my hoophouse.  Fortuntately, the only area damaged was the entrance end wall, which was covered in hardware-store plastic, and had become brittle from the UV exposure after 2 years.  Given the strong gusty winds I was lucky.  With a big storm in the forecast (since downgraded to inconvenient storm), it needed to be repaired.  It wouldn’t do to have the wind get into it through the tear and then lift the hoophouse.

Dan and I made a quick fix of the hoophouse this afternoon.  We first pried off the lathe used to tack on the plastic cover, removed the damaged plastic, and replaced it with some similar plastic left from making the hendome.

We have more greenhouse plastic available, but I did not want to wrestle with that today, I’m saving it for hoophouse 2.0 someday (unless I skip right to commercial hoophouse).  Dan has a big pair of heavy tin snips which work great to trim the lathe to fit (not the proper use but it works). With our handy little air compressor and staple gun, it was a quick job.I did discover another area of the greenhouse plastic along the sill that is slightly damaged, but covered it for now with plastic and will mend it when the weather is more cooperative with greenhouse repair tape.

While working on the hoophouse I took photos of the plants inside, and will report on that soon.


4 Responses to “Hoophouse repair”

  1. Hadas Says:

    Hi, seems like you have a full fledged winter. here its nice, and today we have friends over to celebrate new years so I have cooked your chowder and tasted it now, Sani says it will be the star of the evening. It does taste super. Happy new year and good luck with going through the storm.

    • Ali Says:

      I hope the chowder was delicious. I suspect the star of the evening was the cook who made it! A very happy year to you and yours!

  2. Daphne Says:

    I hope the storm hitting this weekend doesn’t cause any more damage. Happy New Year!

    • Ali Says:

      Happy new year, Daphne! It looks like this storm stayed out to sea, we just are getting a bit of snow, yay!

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