2010 Vegetable Garden List

2010 Vegetable Varieties Planted
Vegetable Variety
Asian Greens            Happy Rich
Bean            Indy Gold Bush Wax
Bean            Royal Burgundy
Beets            Touchstone Gold
Beets            Cylindra
Broccoli            Early Purple Sprouting
Broccoli            Blue Wind
Broccoli            Di Cicco
Broccoli            Southern Comet
Broccoli            Piracicaba
Carrot            Purple Haze
Carrot            Red Cored Chantenay
Cauliflower            Graffiti
Cauliflower            Violet Queen
Cauliflower            Cassius
Cauliflower            Cheddar
Cauliflower            Green Harmony
Cauliflower            Graffiti
Celery            Redventure
Chard            Argentata
Chard            Bright Lights
Cucumber            Marketmore 76 Slicing
Cucumber            Super Zagross
Cucumber            de Bourbonne
Herb            Sweet Basil
Herb            Cilantro
Herb            Lemon Balm
Kale            Beedys Camden
Kale            Nero Di Toscona
Leek            Bleu de Solaize
Lettuce            Cracoviensis
Lettuce            Red Sails
Lettuce            Lingua di Canarino (Canary Tongue)
Lettuce            Red Deers Tongue
Lettuce            Green Deers Tongue
Lettuce            Bughatti
Lettuce            Tom Thumb
Lettuce            Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce            Bronze Mignonette
Lettuce            Winter Density
Lettuce            All Year Round
Lettuce            Red Sails
Lettuce            Matina Sweet
Lettuce            Buttercrunch
Onion            Rossa Lunga di Tropea
Onion            Bunching Crimson Forest
Pac Choi            Purple
Parsley            Prezzemolo Gigante D Italia
Pea            Cascadia Snap
Peppers            Tequila Sunrise
Peppers            Black Hungarian
Peppers            Carmen
Pole Bean            Purple Trionfo Violetto
Pole Bean            Multicolored Mix
Pumpkin            Winter Luxury
Pumpkin            Small Sugar
Spinach            Olympia
Spinach            Scarlet
Squash            Futsu Black
Squash            Yellow Crookneck
Tomato            Cherokee Purple
Tomato            Heinz 2653 Paste
Tomato            Sungold
Tomatoes            Speckled Roman Paste
Tomatoes            Pineapple
Tomatoes            Pruden’s’ Purple
Tomatoes            Tigerella
Tomatoes            Cosmonaut Volkov
Tomatoes            Rose
Tomatoes            Matt’s Wild Cherry
Tomatoes            Green Zebra
Tomatoes            Amish Paste
Zucchini            Costata Romanesca

One Response to “2010 Vegetable Garden List”

  1. George Brinson Says:

    You are in Maine…… where are your rutabagas?:):)

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