Edible flowers

Years ago, while on a walking vacation in Scotland’s Western Highlands, the B&B provided sandwich included chive blossoms on my farmhouse cheddar sandwich. It was delicious — and ever since I’ve thought about growing edible flowers but never really got round to it in a serious way, although I do throw some nasturtium petals in my salad when I think of it, and I did make chive blossom vinegar once.

I’d like to plant more edible flowers this year, for adding color and beauty to the plate.  I found a good resource from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.  They list not only edible flowers, but describes their taste, and any possible side effects.  More garden dreaming on a cold January night….


3 Responses to “Edible flowers”

  1. julie Says:

    What a great resource, thanks Ali.

  2. mangocheeks Says:

    I discovered the flavours of edible flowers two years and have begun growing some on my allotment plot.

    Thanks for sharing the resource, even though I do not live in the States, I am sure it will still be useful to me.

  3. jeannie Says:

    I just love going to places that serve edible flowers with the meal. We go to one place all the time with the sheriffs dept for dinners and they serve flowrs as garnish and I usually get several extra becuase no one wants to eat the flowers! Well a couple of them have started too.

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