The magic day

Today, 44 days after the winter solstice, and 44 days before the vernal equinox, when the sun rises at 6:54 am in my area, it will not sink below the horizon until 4:55 pm, 10 hours, one minute later.  Beginning today, we will feel Springs’ slight stirrings; plants will begin to grow as they receive enough energy from the sun to fuel cell development.  We humans will notice the sun feels warmer, the days appear brighter, the sun will have just set as we leave our offices to head home for the day in the twilight.  We gardeners are on the upswing.


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  1. mangochild Says:

    This is one of my favorite days. The winter just seems to ‘turn’ and the little hints of spring are not too far off. More than anything, I see the light changing a bit each day – even aside from the length of the day, the *type* of light is different in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. But I know I look forward to it each year!

    • Ali Says:

      I know just what you mean. It is the quality of the light, I think. Some ancient part of our brain recognizes the change, and we feel it.

  2. chook Says:

    my daphne is starting to bloom.

  3. Linda Says:

    I know, isn’t it great? Although the temps are frigid, the sunlight has been great. My winter sluggishness is starting to fade a little more each day.

    • Ali Says:

      Until this past week, it felt like it had been a very gray winter. This sunshine has been wonderful (although I wouldn’t say no to warmer temps!).

  4. Susan Says:

    Chickadees are beginning their territorial calls, and last night two Great Horned Owls hooted for about 20 minutes. Stirrings of spring, indeed!

  5. Jimmy Cracked-Corn Says:

    With the weather forecast for the next week it’s hard to believe that this day is here. I suppose, as always, winter will leave again!

  6. julie Says:

    Ali your post just put a smile on my face!

  7. wf Says:

    aaaahhhh! Spring. BUT…we have a winter storm with 2′ of snow expected in some areas. I will telling myself…spring is ‘few’ days away : )

    We should come up to Maine this summer. Lobster…yum !

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