Preparing for seed starting

Here in Maine, it is time to start leeks and onions.  My seeds came in a couple of weeks ago.  Last week I made a stop at Johnny’s and purchased a large bag of my favorite all-purpose seed starting/potting soil mix, Vermont Compost’s Fort Vee.

I purchased new plastic flats last weekend from our local farm supply store.  I prefer the newspaper pots but am not going to have time to make them this spring.

Last night I stopped by Target to pick up a new plastic tub for the seed flats, as one broke one last summer when it was dropped.  I’ve been using these for a couple of years and find them much more convenient than using the flimsy plastic trays and domes that often come with the seed flats.  They allow watering from the bottom and the plastic lid makes a great humidity cover.  For seeds which need light to germinate, I just turned them upside down and used the lids as the base, then once germination occurred, turned them right side up.

Yesterday I found an new delux-er model, with a clear lid which will make things even easier — no swapping bottom for top.  Once everything has germinated, the lid comes off and at the end of the season, they plastic tub serves to store the seed starting materials.  As an added bonus, the lid has a more secure locking mechanism, making it easier to remove.

And I have a bunch of saved and washed popsicle sticks for tags.  Free, reused and compostable = perfect for this purpose (in the past I used cut-up plastic yogurt containers or milk jugs).  I think I’m ready!


8 Responses to “Preparing for seed starting”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I am so excited. I have all my stuff I am just waiting out the month and I will start my seeds in March. (we are not far from you in NH)
    Keep us updated on your progress!

  2. Kate @ The Blueberry Files Says:

    genius. thanks for the tip.

  3. GrafixMuse Says:

    Very exciting time indeed. I’ll be starting my onions this weekend too!

  4. mangochild Says:

    Yey for seed starting! I’m thinking about leeks, but I better get moving if I’m going to do it. Looks like you’ve got a great set-up. This is one of the best times, seeing the seeds take root and soon start to poke up from the soil.

  5. Daphne Says:

    I use Popsicle sticks too. Mine are left over from when my kids were small and made things from them. We still have a huge box of them.

  6. Callie Says:

    This is all very interesting for a non gardener. I need all this stuff.

  7. Callie Says:

    Thanks for the warning! I will take this whole seed starting business more seriously. Looks like fun though…

  8. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    They had a bag of that starting mix at the benefit auction at the PASA conference. Too bad I didn’t bid for it. I’ve been using those big bins for seeds too, for just the reasons you mentioned. I think I too am going to go with plastic this year. I’ll mollify my conscience by being careful enough with them to re-use them again and again.

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