Renovating old furniture

Here at Henbogle, we have very little new furniture.  As a matter of fact, I think one of the few new pieces is our bed, simply because our lovely antique headboards would not fit under the eaves of our old cape.  Mostly, though, it is simply because we like the looks of old furniture, and really appreciate the quality of it — even inexpensive furniture made 50+ years ago is for the most part vastly superior in quality to what is available today (unless it is C.H. Becksvoort or Thomas Moser).  Earlier this summer, we re-made some damaged bookcases, and have plans for a dining room cupboard some day, made from bits and pieces we’ve been collecting.

Today we continued renovating the cheap cabinet we bought to make it into a stereo cabinet.  First, we started the woodstove in the barn –no sense in suffering, is there?  Then, a trip upstairs in the barn attic to look though the available inventory.  We found some plywood, some beadboard, and part of an old desk to re-use as a shelf.

I removed the doors, having decided to make beadboard doors.  We added some plywood to the bottom to stiffen it up, as it was a bit wobbly. Another piece was cut to become the shelf the cd player will sit on.  We added a back of beadboard behind the shelves to dress it up, as this cabinet will often be open.  The old desk was cut to make the second shelf, for the amp, the speaker switch-box, and the iPod player.  Dan used a hole saw to cut holes in the shelves for the power cords, which will run down the back wall of the cabinet behind the drawers.

We sanded the shelves and the beadboard back wall, and added the new top.  Next up will be making the new beadboard doors, and finding some new hinges for them.  We are also considering some bun feet, but are still undecided.  We plan to add a surge protector strip to the bottom of the case so we’ll just have one cord leading from the cabinet to an outlet.

We have managed to pick out the paint scheme — the same teal blue as our bookcases, with a salmon for the interior, and possibly some blue accents in the same shade as the Adirondack chairs.


2 Responses to “Renovating old furniture”

  1. Callie Says:

    I love to fix up old furniture too. There is a real sense of accomplishment when I get something back into useful shape. I like the color!

  2. jeannie Says:

    I love doing those kinds of projects. I made a trianle table to fit point to point behind our sectional couch in the corner. It looks great! I do so love power tools!!!

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