April visits early

Wow, this weekend almost made up for the horrid winds and rain (and power outages) Maine suffered through last weekend.  We spent as much time outside as possible – I even got a mild sunburn on my face.  We pruned the grapevine, we raked, we pruned and corralled the blackberries, we ogled the sprouting lettuce and arugula in the hoophouse, we communed with the hens. It was lovely.

tulips emerging along the southwest foundation

raking in progress

raking completed

lunch from the grill, eaten on the deck, ahhh....

I can’t believe this weather will last, but I plan to soak up every minute I can while it does.  Maybe this is a sign of a gorgeous summer to come?


13 Responses to “April visits early”

  1. Nina Says:

    I am drooling over the picture of your outside lunch!

    • Ali Says:

      Believe me, it was drool-worthy. Who knew Brussels sprouts were so delicious? I actually crave them sometimes….

  2. Linda Says:

    Oh, I hope we get a gorgeous summer- We are owed that after last year’s sogginess.

    My hens are so happy to be able to scratch in the dirt again. They are even slowly upping their egg production.

  3. giddy Says:

    I’m so looking forward to getting back home in mid April and digging in the dirt again!

    • Ali Says:

      I bet! Although the weather the last week or two was not pretty, it looks like we are on the upside.

  4. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Lovely! That dinner looks delicious….
    We, too, spent much of the weekend outside doing much needed clean-up tasks…alas, the temp has dropped 20 degrees, it’s hailing right now, and the forecasters are threatening us with snow (??). Still…my seedlings are sprouting in their little mini hothouses and I talk to them every morning, telling them spring is almost here… :-)

    • Ali Says:

      I suspect we’ll have more rain and ugh -snow– before its over, but yesterday was fab and I for one reveled in it :-) Say hi to your seedlings from me!

  5. jeannie Says:

    The yard looks lovely, along with the lunch. And I do so hope we have a nice summer up north this year. This way if you and Dan come down with the kyaks, we can do some paddling. I cann’t wait!

  6. Robin Says:

    Spring is coming. I can hardly wait. :)

  7. Daphne Says:

    I can’t believe the weather either. Where did March go? Usually the lamb side of March doesn’t show up until the last day. We may not even get below freezing for the next week here in southern NE. You can bet I’ll be in the garden this afternoon.

  8. SugarCampNY Says:

    Ali, Your new header was like a breath of spring air.I saw my first robin today in Stamford of all places. And a chipmunk in the back yard this morning.

  9. Callie Says:

    mmmm… lunch on the deck!
    Love the iron work in the garden.
    Spring is on the way!

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