The Mother’s tomatoes

Just in time for seed starting, Mother Earth News published the results of their tomato variety survey.   Another great site to read up on grower’s favorite varieties is the Cornell University Cooperative Extension site Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners.

My choices for this year (although I need to pare down the list I think!):

  • Yellow Currant
  • Sungold
  • Speckled Roman Paste
  • Pineapple
  • Tigerella
  • Cosmonaut Volkov
  • Rose
  • Matt’s Wild Cherry
  • Green Zebra
  • Amish Paste

Mother Earth News Tomato Survey results:

Top 30 Tomato Varieties
Types of Tomatoes:
OP = Open Pollinated, F1 = Hybrid
Disease Resistance:
V = Verticillium Wilt, F = Fusarium Wilt,
N = Nematodes, T = Tobacco Mosaic Virus,
A = Alternaria, St = Gray Leaf Spot


1. ‘Brandywine’ (OP, 90 days)
2. ‘Early Girl’ (F1, VF, 75 days)
3. ‘Better Boy’ (F1, VFN, 75 days)
4. ‘Beefsteak’ (F1, OP, 80 to 90 days)
5. ‘Cherokee Purple’ (OP, 90 days)

Others of Note: ‘Big Boy,’ ‘Celebrity,’ ‘Rutgers,’ ‘Mortgage Lifter,’ ‘Big Beef’

1. ‘Super Sweet 100’ (F1, VF, 65 days)
2. ‘Sungold’ (F1, OP, VFT, 57 days)
3. ‘Black Cherry’ (OP, 65 days)
4. ‘Sweet Million’ (F1, VFNTSt, 65 days)
5. ‘Yellow Pear’ (OP, 70 days)
Others of Note: ‘Riesenstraube,’ ‘Snow White,’ ‘Gardener’s Delight’
1. ‘Roma’ (F1, VFN, OP, 75 days)
2. ‘Amish Paste’ (OP, 74 to 80 days)
3. ‘San Marzano’ (F1, VF, OP, 78 days)
4. ‘Opalka’ (OP, 85 days)
5. ‘Viva Italia’ (F1, VFNA, 75 days)
Others of Note: ‘Polish Linguisa,’ ‘Rutgers,’ ‘Striped/Speckled Roman’
Really Big Ones
1. ‘Beefsteak’ (F1, OP, 80 to 90 days)
2. ‘Brandywine’ (OP, 90 days)
3. ‘Big Boy’ (F1, 78 days)
4. ‘Mortgage Lifter’ (OP, 80 days)
5. ‘Better Boy’ (F1, VFN, 75 days)
Others of Note: ‘German Pink,’ ‘Beefmaster,’ ‘Belgian Giant,’ ‘Park’s Whopper,’ ‘Red Oxheart’
1. ‘Yellow Pear’ (OP, 70 days)
2. ‘Juliet’ (F1, blight tolerance, 60 days)
3. ‘Roma’ (F1, VFN, OP, 75 days)
4. ‘Red Pear’ (OP, 70 days)
5. ‘Stupice’ (OP, 55 to 60 days)
Others of Note: ‘Red Fig,’ ‘Flamme,’ ‘Principe Borghese’
1. ‘Cherokee Purple’ (OP, 90 days)
2. ‘Green Zebra’ (OP, 78 days)
3. ‘Black Krim’ (OP, 74 to 80 days)
4. ‘Lemon Boy’ (F1, VFN, 72 days)
5. ‘Pineapple’ (OP, 85 days)
Others of Note: ‘German Green,’ ‘Kellogg’s Breakfast,’ ‘Mr. Stripey’

What will you plant?

2 Responses to “The Mother’s tomatoes”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Nice list! Looks like we are only growing 1 tomato variety that’s the same.

    I’ve got Black Cherry, Black Krim, Caspian Pink, Juliet, Chocolate Cherry, Better Boy, Jet Star, San Marzano, Amish Paste, Cherokee Purple, German Johnson, Roma, Mama Leone and Large Red Cherry growing in my garden. The first buds have shown up! I’m so excited for the first tomatoes I can hardly stand it.

  2. Callie Says:

    Thanks! I need to get some seeds and now I have a good idea of what to look for. Have a great week.

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