Happy Spring!

We had a truly glorious day here in Maine, with temps in the high 60s possibly as high as 70°F.  It was so gorgeous I even relented and allowed Ocho to join us outside for a bit to lie in the sun.  It was unusual but very welcome weather to be sure.

We had help in the yard from my friend and co-worker Joe, who is staying at Henbogle for a couple of days prior to departing to NYC on a service trip with some students.  He got started on the service early by helping us reseed the area formerly occupied but the hens.  We scarified the soil surface, then liberally spread seed and covered it with spoiled straw and hay. 

Joe got a tour of the Richmond transfer station when he helped Dan take the pruned blackberry brambles and other non-compost- able yard debris to the transfer station.  Not only did he get the inside view of rural Maine recycling efforts, he also got to see our dump picking reuse-it ethic in action when Dan liberated 5 very nice fir interior doors from the burn pile.  These were beautiful wood panel doors with lovely antique glass doorknobs.  I do not understand why people throw stuff like that away.

Last week we relocated Henbogle Coop to its summer locale in preparation for reseeding the hen yard, so today, Joe helped us with that project.  It looks like we will be having a damp week ahead so we felt like it was a good time to get that done.

After our labors, we basked on the deck for a while in the sun, enjoying a beer.  It was amazingly beautiful, and in the shade, at 3:30 pm was 65°F.  When we went in to cook dinner, Dan noticed a hermit thrush in our front garden, and later when he went to put the girls to bed for the night, he heard peepers!  I know we’ll have cooler weather ahead, but today was a gift and I appreciate it.  Happy Spring one and all!

**Correction:  Thanks to my expert birder pal, I now know this is actually a Fox Sparrow.


9 Responses to “Happy Spring!”

  1. wf Says:

    aaaah…ocho..what a nice name! I should have asked you for names for our lambs : )

    • Ali Says:

      WF, that struck me as funny, because of the story of her naming. I adopted Ocho from my vet after earlier mentioning I was in the kitten market. My vet called, and told me they had a kitten who had been found after a coyote had killed her mother, and nearly got her, too.

      I adopted her, and asked a group of young co-workers what I should name her. Their responses? “Snack,” “Morsel,” “Canape,” “Tidbit,” etc. Finally another friend suggested “Ocho” as she had only eight lives left. So Ocho it is….

      Vanilla is a cutie, and hey, what’s not to love about vanilla? Yum :-)

  2. SugarCampNY Says:

    Ocho looks so comfy, soaking up the sun. Good of you to give her a break.

  3. Linda Says:

    Wasn’t it great weather on Friday and Saturday? We cleared trees so we can enlarge our hen yard, and not shade our garden, then yesterday the coop was cleaned out. This is the earliest we have ever done that!

  4. Daphne Says:

    The weather was just beautiful this weekend. You couldn’t ask for better. It was perfect timing too to start getting those beds warmed up for spring planting.

  5. Laurie Meunier Graves Says:

    Those doors were a great find. I’m envious! And I’m as baffled as you are as to why people throw such things away. Well, their loss is certainly your gain.


  6. giddy Says:

    I’m heading back home in 19 more days. Please save some of that lovely weather for me!!

    • Ali Says:

      Giddy, we are in for a cold spell this weekend, but that will just help the sap run :-) No doubt the weather will be sunny again by the time you head north. Let me know if you need to make a pit stop on your way north.

  7. jeannie Says:

    We guys just had a lovely weekend truely! and as for why people throw those kind of things out is because they feel they have no more use for them or they really don’t know the true value of old craftmanship. Or, they think that their better than the Jones and need that uckie yuppie new crappy hollow door stuff. Hows that for a reason?

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