Dan 1, FairPoint 0

Today, well over a year since our troubles began, Dan managed to get our FairPoint account closed.  We first had problems just before Thanksgiving in 2008.  I saw a FairPoint truck parked in front of the house, with a technician working on the pole.  Our internet went out, and we never again had a reliable connection. Many frustrating calls ensued.

Finally, in March, we changed to Time Warner cable, and tried to disconnect our FairPoint service.  More frustrating calls ensued when we continued to receive bills.  Finally, I gave up, but Dan persisted, eventually contacting the Maine Public Utilities Commission.  Even the PUC was unable to solve the problem.

Today, Dan found a message on our answering machine from FairPoint telling us our service would be disconnected due to lack of payment — one year after we originally submitted a disconnection order!  He called the number they left, followed the telephone commands, and the menu told him to hang up and call another number.  He did, and after being told he was lying by the customer service representative, eventually managed to get our account closed.  Of course, we haven’t received the final statement yet, but I’m hoping Dan’s patience and persistence has paid off.  I have never received worse customer service from a company ever in my life.  Really, I mean it.


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  1. jeannie Says:

    I really dislike those computer generated people and the people who think their better than you when you want to cancel something. Stick to it Dan, they will finally get the message when enough people complain.

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