Harvest Monday: Leeks to the rescue

I still have a few overwintered leeks in the garden.  They are not pretty, but taste absolutely great.  I used these bad boys (1 2/3 lbs) in a delicious soup last night.  In addition to the leeks, the soup featured home canned veggie soup base, frozen zucchini from my garden, and homemade stock from one of Nina’s chickens.  It was delicious.  Check out what other gardener’s are harvesting of late at Daphne’s Harvest Monday.  even in Maine, winter gardening can be done!


11 Responses to “Harvest Monday: Leeks to the rescue”

  1. nancybond Says:

    Your soup sounds yummy! How great that you’re able to over winter things like your leeks.

  2. Daphne Says:

    Those leeks are looking good. It won’t be too long before the spring veggies start to arrive.

  3. Laurie Meunier Graves Says:

    Those leeks look pretty good to me! And the soup sounds great. As much as I’m looking forward to warmer weather, I must admit that I’m pleased it’s still cool enough for soup.

  4. Ottawa Gardener Says:

    That sounds like a very respectable and valid harvest. I love leeks and really wish that leek moth hadn’t found me…

  5. Michelle Says:

    The leeks look good. That’s something I’ve got to try this year, if I can find the space.

  6. mac Says:

    Your soup sounds delicious, I’m a soup person, I can have it everyday and not get tired of it.
    Which variety of leek are you growing? I grow French baby leeks “Primor”.

    • Ali Says:

      These leeks are King Sieg. This year I am trying Bleu de Solaize, reported to be even more cold hardy than the King. We’ll see!

  7. Dan Says:

    They look good. I have quite a few overwintered leeks but they are about the size of green onions. I hope they get growing soon!

  8. Kim Says:

    We are growing them this year. Just made potato leek soup for a first time. Soooooo good!

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