Posts about seed starting from gardeners all over the web have been making me exseedingly (ha ha) jealous, but I know that my soil is slow to warm in the spring, so I’ve been trying to restrain myself.  At last, though, I started some seeds this weekend.

Thanks to Meg and Kelly at Future House Farm, I learned of a new trick for an inexpensive , homemade heat mat for seed starting –rope lights arranged beneath the trays.  I bought some rope light right quick and we set it up this weekend.

It is a bit fiddly, as we don’t want to permanently install it on the rack, which we store for most of the year in the barn attic (I love the barn attic!), but plugging in the lights in advance helped warm the plastic and make it more flexible.  Between Dan and I we managed to get the lights evenly arranged under the large Rubbermaid bin.

It lends a party atmosphere to the setup, don’t you think?

Started this weekend:

  • *Cauliflower:  Graffiti, Violet Queen, Cassius, Cheddar, Green Harmony
  • *Broccoli:  Early Purple Sprouting, Blue Wind, Di Cicco, Southern Comet, Piracicaba
  • *Peppers:  Tequila, Black Hungarian, Marconi Red, Carmen, Lipstick
  • *Tomatoes :  Pineapple, Cosmonaut Volkov (for the hoophouse)
  • *Parsley:  Prezzemolo Gigante D’ Italia

3 Responses to “Seeds”

  1. O. Says:

    Bring on the party atmosphere!

  2. Kelly Says:

    It’s crazy how well the rope lights work. Enjoy.

  3. Kathy M Says:

    Great idea. I love innovation!

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