Begone, briar thicket

We have a serious Japanese knotweed problem, as I have written about before.  One of the barriers to knotweed eradication is one of the other invasives on the property, a multiflora rose gone wild, growing amidst the knotweed (or vice versa).  While we like the screen the rose provides, and the birds find it a great spot for nesting, the rose is as aggressive as the knotweed and I’d prefer to be rid of them both and plant something else  in their place.
Today was a gorgeous warm, sunny day, perfect for working outside after the earlier drenching we received this week.  With the soil nice and damp, it seemed like a good time to tackle the rose/knotweed area.  Again.  The photo shows the rose thicket last week before we started today.  The upright brown sticks are old knotweed stalks from last year.  Dan waded into the mess with gloves, hat, long sleeved shirt and thick workpants and started hacking.  He pulled and cut and gave our loppers a good workout.  The pile of cuttings grew ever larger.

The big log behind Dan is the remnant of a large dead tree on the property line.  It came down in a windstorm last fall.  I was sorry to see it go as it had been great bird habitat.  Several birds had nested in it over the years, and woodpeckers were a common sight, digging away looking for insects.  We will leave it there to decay.

As more and more debris was removed, Dan found some household discards for years past, old metal fencing, a galvanized metal gutter, an enamel bowl, some toy train tracks, a large piece of broken milk glass, perhaps from a mixer bowl.  We usually find marbles (we must have unearthed dozens) but none today.  It was rough work, but Dan got a lot done.  Next will be to dig out the roses with a sturdy grub hoe — I bent my hard rake on a stubborn root so you can see this is a job for the big guys.


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  1. Robin Says:

    I absolutely abhor things with sharp points in them that are pests! It looks like you made a bit of progress on the removal. I always need to be working on bramble removal around here, but it’s easy to put it off as it’s never fun work.

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