Spring’s progress

Last weekend, we cleaned up the Russian sage and lavender beds, where the crocus were already blooming.   The unusually warm weather not only rushed the crocus to bloom, it led to the early demise of the crocus as well. 

This weekend, we continued puttering about the garden.  Saturday, we cleaned more of the briar thicket out.  We hauled 4 loads of debris to the local transfer

station and put it in the biomass burn pile, not wanting to put it with the compost pile to prevent the knotweed and briar rose from spreading.  When we were cleaning out this area, we found chunks of asphalt, leading us to believe that at some point, the area had been filled in, which is probably how the knotweed arrived.

We will now be able to use a grub hoe to remove as much of the briar rose as possible and see the emerging knotweed.  After consulting with experts at my Master Gardening class, we’ve determined the best option is to treat it with Roundup, allowing it to sprout and then cut the tops off the plant and treat it with Roundup down the hollow stem, as we did a few years ago.  To be successful, we will need to treat it probably 2-3 times this season, and be diligent about following up every time we see any sprouting anywhere in the yard.  We noticed it today growing in the lawn.

Sunday was sunny but cooler and windy.  It was a great day, though, for working in the hoop house as the cooler temps kept it a reasonable temperature for gardening inside.  I prepped a few more beds and planted more spinach, lettuce and broccoli seedlings (Blue Wind and Southern Comet).  The blue cups around the seedlings are for slug prevention.  I also thinned the spinach and picked a big bowl for salads today and tomorrow.  While I was busy in the hoophouse, Dan was hooking up out hoses so that I have water in the hoophouse and at the garden sink,  I was so happy to have water at the garden sink I didn’t even let him clean the sink before I used it to rinse the spinach.

It was great to be outside working in the garden, smelling the soil, seeing the worms, and reaping the rewards of the work.  I just love this time of year.


3 Responses to “Spring’s progress”

  1. Kim Says:

    Yeah for Spring…I will be picking lettuce this week. Loving having a greenhouse!

  2. mangochild Says:

    Hooray for the spring! I am jealous of your greenhouse as always. The fresh spinach is just starting to come in from our local farmers, and the taste of it is much anticipated after the cold months.

  3. Daphne Says:

    I love this time of the year too. It has such potential and just makes you want to be outside. Except for the flooding it has been a really beautiful spring.

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