Harvest Monday

Ta daa!  My first spinach harvest, yum!  I planted this Olympia spinach in mid-October hoping it would successfully overwinter in the hoophouse.  It did!  I hope we’ll be eating lots more spinach, it was delicious.  To add to our harvest theme, we served spinach salad and pasta with tomato sauce still languishing in the freezer from 2008.  The sauce featured garden tomatoes and extra veggies and months later, was still delicious.

Check out what other gardeners are harvesting at Daphne’s Harvest Monday series.


10 Responses to “Harvest Monday”

  1. mangochild Says:

    Harvest Monday – congrats on such a strong start! I wish I could participate, but too early for me here in CT without a greenhouse. Soon though. I bet the sauce was delicious.

  2. Daphne Says:

    You and me both had our first overwintered spinach this week. Yum!

  3. nancybond Says:

    Mmm…makes my mouth water!

  4. roundrockgarden Says:

    mmmm, tasty! congrats on your first harvest!

  5. Angela Moll Says:

    Great! I love stories of successful overwintered harvests. Enjoy your salad!

  6. villager Says:

    Great looking spinach. I always look forward to it too. I’m amazed you still had tomato sauce from 2008! Ours from last year is long gone.

    • Ali Says:

      I had to hoard the tomato sauce, as I lost all my tomato plants last year to the dreaded blight :-( I have one lone jar of roasted tomato sauce left now. I’m saving it for a special pizza.

  7. Ottawa Gardener Says:

    Nice first harvest of the year! Sorry to cross comment but we also had early blooming and demising crocuses. I thought I was imaging it.

  8. Robin Says:

    Wow, that is nice. I love spinach. Last year it didn’t grow for us. This year I’m hoping I can get it growing with some better soil fertility.

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