Updated garden plan

Working in the garden this weekend, I updated the plan a bit.

Then, when discussing the plan, Dan suggested we move the fence which runs along the back of the row in front of the hoophouse and add another row.  I pretended this had not been my plan all along and said “What a great idea!”

Mission accomplished (cue evil laugh).


12 Responses to “Updated garden plan”

  1. Dan Says:

    And you thought I didn’t know this was your evil plan?!!! Oh, the wicked webs thou dost weave!

    Your humble servant – D.

  2. mangochild Says:

    Sneaky! I like that. So did he come to the realisation all on his own when he saw the plan, or was there previous discussion?

    • Ali Says:

      Well, he might have heard me mention once or ten thousand times I needed more space…. :-)

  3. scotia girl Says:

    what zone are you? How does a hoop house compare to a plexiglass greenhouse (the kind you find at cosco, walmart,etc) for late fall and overwintering greens,etc?

    • Ali Says:


      We are in zone 5. I can’t compare our hoophouse to a plexi greenhouse, as I’ve never used one, but I can say I had kale and spinach overwinter nicely, and it warms up quite early in there, too. Frost hardy plants did well, but tomatoes and other frost sensitive plants did not really grow much longer, as there is not enough thermal mass in such a small structure to keep the temps up.

  4. Daphne Says:


  5. Robin Says:

    Very nice. You can never have to much garden space. Hehehe


    How completely organized.

  7. Angela Moll Says:

    I like this color coded garden plan. Does it make it easier to organize crop rotations?

    • Ali Says:


      That’s the idea. The colors help me see instantly where the different plant families are placed. One of my goals for this year is to get a better handle on crop rotation — never easy when part of the equation is dealing with the garden fence, and another part is to keep in mind the hens will eat plants through the fence. Last year they at my cucumber plants!

  8. julie Says:

    Dan you’re the man. Ali have a great vacation week, maybe if we do receive sxxx it will help with black fly season, I think it is going to be a wicked one! we’ll all be sporting netting outfits. Hope your girls are doing well, I can still account for all ten of mine!

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