Today is the first day of a week of vacation for Dan and I, and we awoke to snow :-(.  I was hoping for a week of good weather as this will be more of a workation at Henbogle.   We plan to replace some siding on the house, but need to have dry weather to tackle this job.

I’m a bit afraid to do this, as the last time we did any siding work (just replace 2-3 clapboards) we ended up spending much of our summer repairing a wall of the barn and building a new deck.  Ah well, it must be done, and done before we can tackle renovating our hideous bathroom.  Sigh.

More images of the snow:

Unhappily unoccupied deck chairs

snowy, wet, vegetable garden


5 Responses to “Snowcation”

  1. Brandi Mills Says:

    I was not happy about the snow either. We only have one daffodil, but it looks as depressed as yours. – Brandi

  2. keewee Says:

    Why is it that the weather always seems to turn lousy when we plan a vacation, or tackle an outdoor project?

  3. nancybond Says:

    Oh dear, there really is nothing pretty about it this time of year, is there? We’ve had some flurries off and on the past few days, but mostly just cold rain and wind. Ugh.

  4. jeannie Says:

    Sorry to hear about the snow. When I lived on this one farm with Mickey the other farm hand told me it was God’s way of giving fertilizer for the poor farmers. The last snow would bring nutrients the the ground needed to grow strong crops. I hope the snow didn’t damage to much of the work you had already completed.

  5. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Wow. Thinking warm thoughts for you guys – I think you’ll be enjoying your vacation regardless, though. :-)

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