Securing the henitentiary

This morning I planted carrots, Red Cored Chantenay and Napoli.  The Napoli seeds were pelleted, the first time I’ve tried pelleted seed.  It was great, so much easier to handle than those tiny carrot seeds.

I interplanted the carrots with Easter Egg and Watermelon radish.  I planted the carrots sixteen to a square foot, with the radish interspersed.  If you look carefully you can see the white pelleted carrot seeds in the holes in the photo.   When I finished, I covered the row with floating row cover to both warm things up and keep the soil moist.

While I planted carrots, Dan worked on the hen deterrent.  We used zip ties to attach some plastic mesh fencing to the welded wire fence along the hen pen fence.  This should prevent those errant chickens from snacking on our garlic, and beans once we get those planted.

We have been giving the hens as many greens as we can as the current area we are using for their pen is bare.  Most recently they’ve been enjoying the last of the overwintered kale, thinnings from the lettuce and spinach, and dandelion greens, a hen favorite.  Once the area we reseeded behind Dan has grown in, they will have better grazing.  In addition, we are planning to grow some greens –kale, lettuce, spinach, etc., for the hens.  I am sure they will enjoy those more than greens –although they might miss the illicit pleasure of snacking through the fence!


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  1. Robin Says:

    Wow, your snow sure melted fast since you are back to planting. I grew kale for my hens last year and they LOVED it. They wouldn’t touch my bolted lettuce that I threw to them. LOL, guess it was too bitter for them.

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