Gladys the amazing Barred Rock hen

My blogging pal Julie at Dog Trot Farm became a henkeeper last spring with the arrival of 10 fluffy chicks.  One was a Barred Rock named Gladys, who quickly became a favorite due to her friendly and amusing ways.  Among other things, she showed Julie’s dog Winslow Homer just who was boss!

Julie had a terrible tragedy happen the other day, when a fox got 2 of her chickens, Gloria and Gladys.  Julie found poor Gloria’s body and buried her in the flower garden, but Gladys was no where to be found.  Julie was heartbroken, as I was when poor Marigold was killed by a stray cat.

But amazingly, Gladys was found, injured but alive!  Read more about her incredible story on Julie’s blog, Dog Trot Farm.

3 Responses to “Gladys the amazing Barred Rock hen”

  1. Julie Says:

    Ali, how kind you are to do a post regarding Gladys and Georgia. I have been providing Gladys with vitamins and a carrot tonic. The tonic recipe I received from Dani-On The Way To Critter Farm. Would I find antibiotics at Blue Seal or Tractor Supply? Thank you again and Dan too, chicken keepers are just the best!

    • Ali Says:

      Julie, I would think either place would have some. What I’ve seen before is some you add to the water.

  2. jeannie Says:

    Your both really good people Ali & Dan. And I’m glad to hear about Gladys not being gone. There is never any rhyme or reason to anything we see or do, but there is a purpose to everything we do and have done.

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