Another fine day in the garden

Sunday was gorgeous here at Henbogle, despite the predictions of showers and clouds on the NOAA website.  A day this beautiful was not meant to be spent vacuuming and washing floors, so into the garden I went this morning, dirt be dammed.

I peeked under the row cover to see if any carrots had emerged, none as of yet.  I gave the carrots and beets a gentle watering through the row cover, then set about transplanting some celery and lettuce transplants, and direct sowing some lettuce seeds (Green and Red Deers Tongue, and Matina Sweet Butterhead).

After reading Sara’s comment earlier, I thought DOH and quickly sowed some Purple Bok Choi and Cimi di Rapa seeds I bought in Boston’s North End on Friday, both with 45-50 days to maturity.  I think I have another quick growing Asian green I can stick in there too, and will do some calculating of maturity dates and get to work on that.  Finally, I scattered some diatomaceous earth and iron phosphate slug bait about and covered everything up with row cover.

While I kept busy with various tasks, Dan tackled the next step in the raised bed project, getting the fence line thoroughly weeded, setting a log or three along the fence line, and adding the soil from the garden path to the bed.  We need to go into the back 40 and get some more logs for the front of the beds, but we have time as this bed will be reserved for tomatoes and peppers.

Once we get it finished, I’ll add some organic fertilizer and then cover it with IRT plastic mulch to help get the soil good and warm before my precious peppers and tomatoes go out.  Fingers crossed for a good hot summer!

Back to work tomorrow as the busy spring semester rolls on like a runaway locomotive.  Whoo, hooo!


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  1. Daphne Says:

    I’m still not crossing my fingers for a hot summer. I would love a summer in the 70s and low 80s. I’m never happy with 90s. I don’t care if it makes my peppers grow better or not. I just don’t want constant rain. Our usual rain would be nice. We need sun this year.

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