Tomato carnage…

aka thinning.

Sorry the photos are blurry, this was the last gardening chore of a long day in the garden.

I HATE thinning.

Thinning feels like infanticide.  I nurtured these plants from tiny seeds, making sure they were fed, warm, got enough light.  I stroked them to make sure they grew strong sturdy stems.  Because I hate thinning, I always let the plants get too big, then I am reluctant to thin down to one in case one gets damaged during transplanting, etc. etc., etc.

BUT, I have room for 18 tomatoes only.

Maybe 20.  But no more.


9 Responses to “Tomato carnage…”

  1. Sara Says:

    Ha, I did my tomato inventory yesterday too. Like you, I have trouble thinning, so I replanted a lot of seedlings into extra packs early on. Now, I have 47 plants! I have room for….10 to 12! It is always good to have a few spares in case of hail or something, but it looks like I’ll be giving some away (again) this year :)

    • Ali Says:

      47 tomatoes! Wow, that is a lot of tomatoes. Is there a community garden in your area? Or maybe some gardeners who are participating in the Plant A Row program? I bet they would love the extra plants.

      • Sara Says:

        Yeah, I swear I didn’t plant too many. But I had some new varieties that I wasn’t sure about germination, and of course every seed came up.

        Definitely will go to use, we have gardening neighbors, plant swaps and community gardens that will take them. I also entertained putting them on craigslist for my hoop house fund, ha ha.

  2. Annie's Granny Says:

    Ouch! I don’t think I could handle that, one reason I love the soil blocks….one seed per block, no thinning. I just plant 3 of each variety, and if some don’t germinate the block gets tossed back into the planting medium to be used again. Unfortunately, germination was good this year. I’ll have a lot of tomato plants to give away.

    • Ali Says:

      I keep looking at those soil block makers and wondering…. Maybe next year. I’m following Daphne’s example and beginning to document my garden expenses to compare with the output, and I don’t want to add any more expenses this year….

  3. Daphne Says:

    Ahhhh the carnage. I usually thin my plants early so I don’t have to cut large pretty plants down.

  4. 10yearchallenge Says:

    Come on, I bet you could squeeze in 21. :-)

    I totally understand your reluctance to thin. I have the same issue. So hard to pinch back things like zinnias as well.

    • Ali Says:

      21, heh.

      Why did you have to mention pinching back zinnias! I HATE doing that! Aughhh!

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