Weekend garden accomplishments

Weekend work list

Direct sowed more spinach, arugula, lettuce
Watered all the vegetable beds
Cut the border for the allium and tomato beds and put in place
Prepared the tomato/pepper bed
Prepared the allium bed
Transplanted peppers
Thinned tomato seedlings
Treated Japanese knotweed with Round-Up

Still to do

Transplant leeks and onions
Divide perennials in deck bed
Fertilize front beds
Divide hostas in front door bed

It was a busy weekend, but in general the garden is in good shape.  The exception is the beds the pumpkins and squash will be going in — they are a mess.

With the rain last year, the timbers of the old raised beds just rotted.  The timbers proved to be an excellent medium for invading quackgrass and creeping charlie.  We need to completely renovate this area, and remove the timbers and divide it as seen in the revised garden plan.  I hope we can work on this project this upcoming weekend, as that quack grass is paining me greatly!


3 Responses to “Weekend garden accomplishments”

  1. Annie's Granny Says:

    Isn’t the quack grass annoying? I hesitate planting anything up close to my fence lines, because one neighbor has quack grass and another has Bermuda grass, and they both invade my garden. I’ve taken a chance and planted flowers along the back fence this year, some of them perennials, so I hope I’m not just asking for problems. My last perennial bed had to be torn out because of the invasive grasses.

  2. Daphne Says:

    I really hate grass in the garden. It just take over. Most of my garden is edged deeply so that grass can’t invade, but one section has grass on the edge and ick it comes in all the time. Ah well.

    It looks like you got a lot done this weekend. I just stayed in the house and coughed. Except for the trip to the doctor because I couldn’t breath. I want this cold over with. I need to get out and do some work.

    • Ali Says:

      Argh, I am so sorry you are sick, spring colds are the pits :-( Some ginger tea with honey? It may not chase the cold away but it is tasty and might lift your spirits.

      Yes, we need to edge along the fence. I am sure it will help but I worry about making it easeir for the evil groundhog to dig his way in….

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