Halfway there

I had my last Master Gardener class on Tuesday — I am halfway to becoming an official Master Gardener!  What’s left, you say? The next phase is to complete 40 hours of community service.  My plan at this point is to volunteer for the MG program, improving communications systems among the Master Gardeners themselves, and to do some work in the community through volunteering, probably at a community garden site such as Caring Community Gardens or a public garden like the Viles Arboretum or Maine’s Governor’s Mansion, the Blaine House, which has an English cottage style garden designed for the site by the Olmstead Brothers in 1920.

In Maine the program is organized by the Cooperative Extension Service’s county offices.  I  took the class out of my county, so will have to do a bit of travel to complete my hours in the county in which I trained, but that’s OK, it was well worth it.  I learned a lot in the MG program, and really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other gardeners, many of whom are almost as obsessed as I am about gardening.  It is so nice to find you are not alone!


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  1. nruit Says:

    Yay! Mazel tov on getting to the halfway point! Good for you, Ali. Hope you are going to celebrate :*)

  2. Kate Says:

    yay, congrats on completing your course and passing your exam!

  3. Laurie Graves Says:

    What an accomplishment! And, I’ve lived in the Augusta area most of my life and didn’t realize the Blaine House has an English cottage garden designed by Olmstead. You mentioned that it is a public garden. I’ll have to stop by sometime to take a look.

  4. Richard Says:

    Congrats! I’ve actually contacted the Extension Office in Louisiana to start my process of becoming a Master Gardener.

  5. villager Says:

    Congratulations! I bet you will meet many interesting people while you get your volunteer hours in. I’ve learned quite a bit from other MGs, and had a lot of opportunities to give back to the community.

  6. Robin Says:

    Congratulations!!! I have a neighbor who completed the master gardener program a few years ago. She has such an amazing knowledge of plants.

  7. Sara Says:

    Congrats. I did the program here in WI last year, and am mostly through my first requirement of hours. It’s a good experience, I get to work on gardens that are different soil, size, and even interest than I have, and I learn a lot.

  8. Laurie Graves Says:

    Thanks for the info about the garden at the Blaine House. When I’m not being such a gardening fool, I’ll make an appointment for a self-guided tour.

  9. Kim Says:

    Congrats, I would LOVE to take that class someday too

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