I planted out leeks and onions yesterday in the allium bed.  I’ve got 48 planted, with more starts to plant in the hoophouse.  This year I am trying Bleu de Solaize, which are supposedly more winter hardy than some varieties, and have a rich, leeky flavor.

Dan helped me convert this bed into a raised bed last week.  I prepared the bed for planting with one last thorough weeding as I’ve found slow-growing leeks don’t compete well with weeds.  I worked in some cottonseed meal 6-2-1 slow release organic fertilizer, higher in nitrogen than phosphorus and potassium as my soil test results showed I have adequate levels of potassium and too much phosphorus.  I would have used kelp meal 1-0-2, but the two places I looked were both out, so instead will top dress over the summer with it.

To plant, I made a 4″ deep hole with a rake handle, and dropped the leek into the hole  Yesterday morning I drenched the seedlings with Neptune’s Harvest liquid fish 2-4-1 fertilizer.  Before planting, I trimmed the leaves to about 6″, and the roots to about 1″ on each leek.  I then watered well, and will leave the holes to gradually fill in over the summer as it rains.  I was glad to get this down Friday evening, as this morning we have a gentle rain falling and overcast skies predicted for the day.  Today I need to start another round of warm weather seeds — cukes, melons, squash, which I will transplant in about 3 weeks or so, weather permitting.  I just love spring!


4 Responses to “Leeks”

  1. Daphne Says:

    I need to start my warm weather seeds too. I should have already started the squash and cukes.

    • Ali Says:

      They’ll catch up. It is cold up here this weekend, they’d be shivering in their pots! Hope you are feeling better, D.

  2. villager Says:

    Looks like you got the leeks and onions planted just in time before the rain came! I love that Neptune’s Harvest fish fertilizer. The plants always seem to love it too, though it stinks up the greenhouse when I use it.

    • Ali Says:

      Oh, yah. You should smell my laundry room, where my seedlings live… eeeew. Ah well, they’ll soon be moving out and getting on with their lives.

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