Warm weather crops

Although our early spring has been oh so tempting, last week’s harsh frosts proved me right in waiting to sow heat lovers.  I delayed my sowing cukes, squash and melon until this Saturday.  These fast growing crops don’t like root disturbance, so I made large paper pots for them and will be able to plop the whole plant in the ground with no growing disruption.  My plan is to coddle them through germination, then immediately move them out into the relatively harsh world of the hoophouse until I plant them.  Yesterday I sowed:

• Futsu Black (winter squash)
• Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash
• Costa Romanesca Zucchini
• Sunburst Patty Pan Squash
• Super Zagross Middle Eastern Cucumber
• Marketmore 76 Cucumber
• Sweet Success Cucumber
• Sarah’s Choice Melon (Cantaloupe)
• Savor Melon (Charentais)
• Winter Luxury Pumpkin
• Small Sugar Pumpkin

I also sowed some six packs of lettuce and flowers — my beloved zinnias, and some lovely blue flax flowers.  I had one I started from seeds the first year we lived here, but it has yet to appear.  The zinnias I should have started a few weeks ago, but with my tomatoes and peppers growing ever larger, I just didn’t have the space in the laundry room.

Yesterday I evicted the tomatoes and peppers from their cozy lodgings in the laundry room.  Yesterday was mostly cloudy with some sun, so they spent most of the day outside.  I moved them in to the shed mid-afternoon when the wind seemed to be a bit much for tender stems to handle.  These plants need to learn to tough out the cold nights in the unheated shed before planting –I hope next weekend, under row cover.


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