Quackgrass be gone

My very own action hero the Amazing Wonder Dan** has performed yet another wonder:  The old raised beds are gone, and with them the quackgrass and creeping charlie.

He dug out all the grass and weeds, turned over the soil and removed as many quackgrass rhizomes as he could find, and hauled all the weeds out to compost in the woods. (We didn’t want to risk adding it to our not always hot compost pile.)

This was a huge job, the kind I would rather avoid at all costs, but he insists he likes doing it.

This area looked like this a few weeks ago.

Now all we have to do is make the paths, fertilize, cover with IRT mulch, plant the melons, squash and cukes, and get the bird bath in place.   Hooray!

**Amazing Wonder Dan not sold in stores


11 Responses to “Quackgrass be gone”

  1. Robin Says:

    **Love the disclaimer!

  2. villager Says:

    Is Dan available for hire? Since he’s good with quackgrass, I’ll bet he would be great with our yellow nutsedge that’s everywhere!

  3. wf Says:

    beautiful grass! You need a pair of sheep : )

  4. GrafixMuse Says:

    I have this grass too. I didn’t know it was called quack grass. It was absolutely impossible to keep out of the garden before using solar mulch. This year, there were only a few patches to pull before preparing the bed and laying the mulch.

    You are going to love the IRT mulch.

    Great job, Dan!

  5. nruit Says:

    Wow! Big job. I can arrange the sheep :*)

    • Ali Says:

      Hmmm. don’t tempt me. Actually a goat or two would be great, they could clean up the overgrown back 40 feet! :-)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Now all I have to do is. . .
    When’s the party?


    • Ali Says:

      As soon as you arrive, it will be a party ;-)

      Actually, Monday at K’s. Are you sure you can’t stay?

  7. jeannie Says:

    Looks great and Love the name Wonder Dan!

  8. Robin Says:

    Haha Love it! Wonder Dan has such a nice ring to it. What would we do without our lovely action hero’s? I’m with you in the weeding. I would almost rather get a tooth pulled then pull a weed. :D

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