Garden companions

A pair of chickadees has built a nest in the birdhouse on the corner post by the newly renovated squash bed.  They keep us company while we are in the garden, occasionally scolding us if we are too close to the house.


and out, all day long, they flit, bringing food home to feed their brood.

I am so pleased to have them, but I do miss our old pals the tufted titmice.  Alas, I have not seen any this year, probably because we didn’t remember to put out some dog hair for nest-building.


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  1. Beth Says:

    One tufted titmouse here in Bowdoin. Lots of goldfinches this year. Now that my old cat is gone I can have a bird bath without feeling like I am offering up birdies to be eaten and that has been fun, too. We got a big flat ceramic dish at Longfellow’s and put it on a low stand. Even the chipmunks like it.

  2. Laurie Meunier Graves Says:

    I do love chickadees. As my late friend Barbara Johnson used to say, they might be plentiful, but they are never common.

  3. Robin Says:

    Our Holly tree is getting near the end of it’s berry season. For months and months when the berries are on the tree they are ignored. Then all of a sudden when the berries are about to all fall off because of being so old, the birds flock to it from everywhere. The tree literally looks alive because of so many birds in it eating the berries. The ones they don’t drop on the ground or eat in the tree they fly off with. When we stand in the second story window we will see them zooming off like little airplanes with bright red berries in their beaks. I am assuming they are bring them back to their nests but I don’t know.

    I’ve never had a bird house before but I have come really close to building one. I do wish that I had my bird feeder set up. We don’t have a really good place for viewing it from our house. That, and we have so many squirrels that I will probably have to get a different feeder.

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