Report from the vegetable garden

We had a glorious weekend here at Henbogle, with clear skies and a gentle breeze.  I’m sure it was greatly appreciated by the seniors who graduated this weekend from the college where I work; last year’s commencement day marked the beginning of the rainiest June on record, ugh.  Let us hope that this weekend’s weather again is the beginning of a weather trend.

While Dan banished the quackgrass, I transplanted 20 tomato and 15 pepper plants into the IRT mulch, and then covered them with floating row cover as I did the brassica bed.  Prior to putting down the IRT mulch, I amended the bed with cottonseed meal 6-2-1 slow release organic fertilizer, and  laid a drip hose.  When transplanting, I watered the plants in well with Neptune’s Harvest liquid fish 2-4-1 fertilizer to give the roots a bit of phosphorous and offset transplant shock  — my soil test shows I have plenty of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, organic matter, and a medium amount of magnesium.  Maybe I should have added some epsom salts?  Well, if I see signs of magnesium deficiency I can give the plants a foliar spray of Epsom salts, 1T per gallon of water.

After transplanting the tomatoes and peppers, I peeked under the row covers to check on the brassicas.  Holy cats are the plants huge!  They are growing like crazy, and the catnip in there is going to bust out of the row cover if I don’t watch out.  As soon as the buds form I will harvest that and give the room to the broccoli plants on either side of it.  I can’t wait to taste some tasty home-grown broccoli in a few weeks!  I watered the plants today, and realized a second benefit to the slug-prevention plastic cup plant collar — the collar makes it much easier to water the plants under the mulch, acting as a funnel directing the water to the plant within.

Now, the bad news.  Carrots.  Why are carrots so hard for me ARGHHHHH!  I’ve had maybe 4 carrots germinate of the carrots I sowed earlier this spring.  So much for interplanting with radishes.  Well, I’m done with carrots.  They are dead to me now, dead!  Instead, I will plant bush beans and make lots of dilly beans, and buy carrots at the farmer’s market.

The lettuce in the main garden is coming along, I need to transplant a few plants to correct the spacing and get some weeding done, but it looks good.  Ditto the Swiss chard and beets in the next bed.  The garlic is looking great, I am really curious about it.  I have about 40 plants, maybe more.  Some is not growing quite as vigorously, not doubt thanks to being snacked upon by hungry hens.  I need to hit the garlic with a side dressing of fertilizer.  If it tastes half as good as it looks I will be thrilled, as it is a lot easier to grow than I expected.

Finally, the former site of the raised beds is ready for IRT mulch and then I have squash, cukes and melons to transplant into this space.  I hope to get this done this week.


3 Responses to “Report from the vegetable garden”

  1. Daphne Says:

    My carrots didn’t germinate this year either. Usually I use burlap over them to keep them moist, but didn’t bother this year. So the carrots didn’t bother to come up either.

  2. Sara Says:

    Everything looks great! Your garlic looks awesome too, I think it’s a good year.

    I have trouble with carrots too, and gave up for many years. Some luck last year–I started a little later, sowing after I pulled spinach. And, I just kept watering almost every day to keep it moist.

    This year, I planted more, and earlier, and haven’t had great germination. So I’m replanting now hoping later will work again. But I hear you, they are so easy to buy at the market too, that’s where most of mine come from!

  3. Robin Says:

    Doh! The carrots got you huh? Well I planted a big row of them and got nothing. At least I think I got nothing because while I was waiting for them to come up all the weeds took over. My mom told me to keep the beds moist everyday so they would germinate. Obviously, letting rain do it’s thing wasn’t enough. hah. Sweet corn is dead to me because I am a retardo sweet corn grower. After 3 years of sweet corn anticipation and then ensuing depression, I decided to stick to popcorn. At least I can grow that. lol

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