Cucurbits planted

Cukes and pumpkins

I planted the cucurbits in the area that formerly comprised the quackgrass-infested raised beds.  Before planting, I fertilized with Garden Tone 3-4-4 and laid IRT mulch.  After planting, I covered each bed with floating row cover to add warmth and prevent squash bugs and cucumber beetles.  We will be adding mulch to the edges of the raised beds and path to prevent erosion.

summer squash

Planted from seeds started May 15:

• Super Zagross Middle Eastern Cucumber
• Marketmore 76 Cucumber
• Sweet Success Cucumber
• Sarah’s Choice Melon (Cantaloupe)
• Savor Melon (Charentais)
• Winter Luxury Pumpkin
• Small Sugar Pumpkin
• Costa Romanesca Zucchini
• Sunburst Patty Pan Squash

I’ll plant a couple more melons and some cukes in the hoophouse Monday, I hope.

While I planted, Dan continued his quackgrass removal quest in the blueberry hedge on the other side of the garden fence.  In the photo on the right you can see the blue sled loaded with weeds.  Once that is done it will get a heavy layer of newspaper and/or cardboard and dried grass clippings to prevent weeds.


Cimi di Rapa

What’s going on under the other row covers?The brassicas are HUGE.  They were transplanted on April 22, sowed March 29.  I’ve been cutting kale already, but I’m not seeing any heading up of the broccoli or cauliflower.  The Cimi di Rapa and purple bok choi I direct seeded in late April are looking a bit insipid, though — I think it has been just too hot for them, sigh.  This might be an instance where the IRT mulch was not helpful.  If I’d planted them earlier, perhaps, but who knew it would be July weather in May?  I hope the broccoli starts heading up soon, I’m hungry for some tasty broccoli and am a little worried the weirdly hot May we’ve had will cause them to bolt or be unpalatable.

tomatoes & peppers

The recently transplanted tomatoes and peppers look great.  They have settled into their new digs just fine, and appear to have suffered very little setback in growth.  I gave them a nice drink yesterday and then covered them back up with the row cover.  I don’t see any buds yet, but am considering springing for a patio tomato from a local greenhouse in hopes of some early tomatoes to go with my abundance of lettuce. I also have high hopes for home canned tomato sauce, salsa, and maybe even some home canned enchilada sauce if I can find a recipe.

With the cucurbits in, most of the garden is now planted.  what remains are the beans, so maybe those will go in today, too, both bush and pole beans.  I must have lots of green beans for delicious fresh eating and of course, dilly beans!  Oh, and more red onions, too, once I pull the remaining leeks.  Then it will just be succession planting and my new cutting flower bed to get planted.  I hope the IRT mulch will have greatly reduced the amount of weeding but no doubt there will be some of that, too.  What else am I forgetting?  No doubt something :-)

Oh yeah, herbs and the kale bed for the hens.


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  1. kim Says:

    You’ve been busy I see. How do you eat brassicas? MM has been working in the gardens and the hoophouse right steady. I help some but he does the majority. Today I have a bunch of herbs to transplant.

  2. Sara Says:

    Everything looks fantastic! I am skipping melons this year (well I planted a moon & stars in an ornamental bed…). This year is winter squash instead.

    I have trouble with cukes too, am trying a Little Leaf from fedco so I can grow under cover. If it goes better I’ll do a bigger batch later in the season–I really want more pickles this year.

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