Cuke and melons in the hoophouse

Dan and I pulled the last of the spinach from the hoophouse this morning to make way for more melons and cukes.  We gave the spinach to the hens again, who devoured it in record time. Then a little weeding and again, some IRT mulch as (so I’m told) melons like it hot, hot hot.  It was definitely hot, hot hot in the hoophouse, too, so they should be happy!  I was glad to be done with that as the temps were climbing.

I had tried pre-sprouting the melon seeds, as several were from old packets I got last year in a trade with Claire of Whispering Acres, and happily, all sprouted.  I planted one hill each of Noir des Carmes, Emerald Gem, and Prescott Fond Blanc melons.  If the pre-sprouting is a successful germination aid, I will try it again with other plants.

While in the hoophouse, I also planted another hill each of Marketmore 76, Sweet Success, Super Zagross, and de Bourbonne pickling cucumbers.  I’ve not had great cuke success so here’s hoping this year is better!  The plan is for the cukes and melons to be allowed to scramble out the sides of the hoophouse and climb surrounding fence.  I guess that means we need to work on a way to allow the sides of the hoophouse to roll up.  No rest for the wicked at Henbogle!

After the hoophouse, we worked on our deck planters.  This year we are trying canna lilies in tropical colors with a mix of portulaca, “Tequila Sunrise” around them, I wanted to mix it up a bit from past planters.  The colors of the portulaca are yummy, and they are sun lovers so they should do well on our sunny deck.  I hope it all comes together.

It was a terrific weekend, lots of gardening, a dinner with Dan’s kids and their significant others on Sunday evening, then a nice party at friend Karen’s to kick off summer on Monday evening.  Life at Henbogle is good!


4 Responses to “Cuke and melons in the hoophouse”

  1. nancybond Says:

    Sounds like things are really shaping up at Henbogle! Can’t wait to see those melons.

  2. Mom Says:

    I can`t wait to see how your planters turn out.

  3. Claire Says:

    So glad to read that the melon seeds have germinated and that they are coming along for you! I think the fruits will be heavenly!

  4. Martha Beddoe Says:

    Canna lilies? Wonderful – what’s your growing zone? I’m 4; wondering if i can line my patio with them so as to get the hummers a bit closer. Thanks! Martha nny z4

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