Movin’ on up

Today, the chicks moved to their big girl coop.  They are still too young to join the big girls, so they have a small area to roam about in for now.  As they get bigger we will make the area larger, and eventually, the two groups will join.

Their temporary coop is a bit of a Beverly Hilbillies special.  It is made from a mini greenhouse we found in our travels.  We made it more secure and added a heavy-duty plastic tarp roof to keep it dry.  It works great as a temporary shelter for them.

It didn’t take long before they got brave enough to head down the ramp and explore.  I was close by working in the garden, and soon I noticed I had an audience watching me plant onions.  They appeared to love being out in the sun.  Tomorrow we are expecting some showers, so I will leave them inside for the day.  When Dan gets home, he will let them out if it is not raining.


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