Lavender sugar

Lou at Lou Murray’s Green World posted the other day on making lavender sugar.  I’ve frequently seen recipes calling for the addition of lavender flowers and wanted to try one of them, but had never gotten to it.  Lou’s timely post spurred me to give the lavender sugar a try.

I harvested about 1 cup of flowering lavender heads, and layered them with about 2 cups of sugar.  The ratio of lavender to sugar is a bit higher than Lou used by I figured I could always cut the lavender sugar with plain sugar if the flavor is too strong.

I would have followed Lou’s ratio but forgot I was low on sugar after making 2 batches of jam the other day.  My lavender is still in bloom which appears to be different from what Lou pictured.  I will be curious to see what it tastes like, and if it is different from what Lou describes.

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  1. Robin Says:

    Please let us know how it tastes. I made dandelion jelly earlier in the season. The recipe said that you can use lavender sugar or plain.

  2. Lou Murray, Ph.D. Says:

    I think the difference in blooms may be that my lavender is in the drought-tolerant section of my yard and gets very little water. There were blooms on the flower heads, but not spectacular ones like on yours. For some reason, the flowers don’t open all at once on the heads of my lavender. Maybe it’s the variety?

  3. mangochild Says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have a lot of lavender in my herb garden, and I’ve been wondering how to use it. I’ll give it a try. Wonder how it would pair if maple-sugar was used…

  4. jeannie Says:

    Sound interesting! I’ll have to see how yours turns out and then I may just need the recipe!

  5. kate@livingthefrugallife Says:

    Interesting. I put in a bunch of lavender this year. I’ll have to remember to try this next year when I get plenty of blooms. I bet this would be a nice addition to floral jellies (rose, violet, etc).

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