Fabulous lettuce

On a whim in April I purchased some seeds while in Boston at Salumeria Italiana in the Italian North End (Believe me, If I hadn’t been on foot, I’d have bought a lot more than seeds!).  One of the purchases was this package of Regina Di Maggio lettuce seeds, because seriously, it is total eye candy.  The seeds are from Franchi Semente and the lettuce is one of their selections. 

This eye candy totally lives up to its glamorous package.  I picked some last week, and it is delicious!  Tender yet crisp, buttery leaves, mild and sweet, and beautiful to look at. Rarely do I harvest plants that look as good as the catalog photo, but in this case, it is close!

A couple of the heads showed signs of bolting so I picked more this morning.  I can hardly blame it as it is a spring/fall lettuce and frankly, I’d like to bolt, too, we’ve been having such hot and humid weather.  At least salads are very satisfying on these hot summer days.

For $2.95, it is a whopping big package of seeds, so I’ll have more for fall sowing, and next spring, too.  And if I run out, I’ll be buying more.  Yum.


6 Responses to “Fabulous lettuce”

  1. nruit Says:

    That is some of the most beautiful lettuce I have seen in ages. My mouth is watering!

  2. chook Says:

    wow, that is AMAZING lettuce. looks delish. i’ll have to try it.

    it’s been super hot in portland; i’ve told my husband to pull the bolting lettuce, put it in the frig, and give to the chooks when the temps are the highest in the afternoon. i figure they might appreciate a cold treat.

  3. Meagan Says:

    That looks spectacular! I too am impressed with my lettuce growths this year, but wow have I realized I need a bigger garden.

  4. Robin Says:

    The lettuce looks great! I received seeds from my in-laws when they went to Italy this past spring. The variety of lettuce they brought me looks very similar to yours. I can’t wait to try it!! It’s amazing how many seeds you receive in a single packet…..thousands!!

  5. Jackie Says:

    Beautiful lettuce! I’ve just transplanted some bolt resistant varieties that might be able to grow in our mild summers…here’s hoping.

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