A view from above

After we pulled the garlic and harvested a few other items, Dan humored me and brought the stepladder down to the vegetable garden to take photos this morning.

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I just love a nice veggie garden.  Is it strange that I want to bring a camera along in my travels so I can photograph people’s vegetable gardens?


7 Responses to “A view from above”

  1. tempusflits Says:

    That’s a great looking garden! This fall I’m going to try planting some garlic. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. O. Says:

    Bringing along a camera is no stranger than many of the other things you do. :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I for one do not think it strange. We grow and get new ideas this way.

  4. Daphne Says:

    No not strange at all.

  5. nruit Says:

    Not strange one bit! After all, I take photos of sheep bums…

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