Today I harvested 4.5 lbs of Tuscan Kale, the majority of the crop, for blanching and freezing.  It was a clear day, cool this morning, thus the perfect time to pick, wash and process it in our so-called summer kitchen, aka the deck.

I trimmed it and used the trimmed weight for the harvest tally.  For processing I did cut out some of the larger mid-ribs and a few more bad leaves.  Washed well and blanched for 3 minutes, the 4.5 lbs yielded 9 pint zip-loc bags of kale for soup this winter.

Still to come will be the Beedy’s Camden kale, a new variety for me.  I’ve got more of each started for fall/winter, and some Red Russian.


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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Nice looking Kale. I’m loving your pretty colorful bins! Nice!

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