Let’s make an even bigger hole in the house!

Saturday we finished removing all the siding from the bathroom wall, and prepared for a couple of while we’re at it projects — adding a vent, adding a sump pump drain exit, and replacing the bathroom window. Replacing siding offers not only the opportunity to seal up some holes in the house, but an opportunity to add a few new holes as well.  Although it seems counter intuitive to add 2 new holes to the 24 square inches we identified in the audit, now is the time.  We are adding a range hood vent for the kitchen, and are creating an exit for our sump pump hose, which currently exits through a plywood panel in a basement window.  Of course, these additional projects created an opportunity to buy a sawzall, making it all the more rewarding for Dan.

We originally were not going to remove all the siding on the bathroom wall, but in looking at the siding, it was clear it was aging less than gracefully, and removing it would also allow adding a layer of house wrap underneath the siding on a wall that gets a lot of moisture internally (shower), and externally from snow and rain.  The house wrap will allow moisture vapor to pass out from inside the house, while preventing water from getting into the walls.  And since all the siding will be off, it is the perfect time to replace the current fixed window with a new window which will actually open. Of course, we just decided this so now we have to order a window, which will take a few weeks for delivery, sigh.  We’ll just have to do as much as we can and then await the window’s arrival.   Long story short, we removed all the siding from the wall. 

Once all the siding was off, we repaired some surface rot on a small area of the sill, made holes for the range vent and the sump pump drain, and filled some obvious gaps with foam.

We were happy to have a chance to fix the sump pump drain, which had been at risk of freezing in addition to requiring replacement of a window with plywood.  Dan used his new sawzall to cut a shallow groove in the sill to run a piece of pvc pipe into the basement.  We will run the sump pump hose out of the basement through the pvc pipe, and from there away from the house foundation.
To repair the sill, we removed all the rotted and soft wood, then treated the area with some wood preservative/insecticide to prevent further decay, and then coated the area with wood hardener/sealer.  Between the repair and treatment, and addition of flashing and proper sealing of the trim above the sill, any further damage should be prevented.

The most challenging project was determining placement of the new range vent.  We were fortunate to have an understair closet behind the kitchen wall housing the range.  This allowed placement of a low wall vent rather than a roof vent, a task Dan and I could handle –not so much a roof vent.   Really, we could not imagine a better location for the vent, as it is readily accessible, allowing us to change out the vent shaft when necessary, yet out of sight and out of the way.  The creation of that hole went smoothly and before long, the external vent was in place, awaiting us to connect the vent pipe to the microhood.  Once the replacement sheathing is added, we will secure the sump drainpipe and range vents in place and seal with foam.

From there, we sealed more holes, cracks and crevices, then replaced the sheathing on the bathroom wall, and called it a day.  Monday we need to purchase rough lumber for the replacement sheathing of the kitchen wall, and get that in place.  Let’s hope we can get that done in a day.  Our siding should arrive on Monday and we’ll be ready to go on Tuesday.


5 Responses to “Let’s make an even bigger hole in the house!”

  1. jeannie177 Says:

    Dan , you look very happy with your new toy!!! And me I just love those kind of toys! I even have my own drill, along with all of Buddy’s toys that he lets me play with!
    Now your prdject looks like its well underway and that the two of you have everything also, well undercontrol.
    Can’t wait to see more on your prodject!

  2. tempusflits Says:

    My goodness, what projects! But they’ll be gand when they’re done.

  3. tempusflits Says:

    grand, the above post should read: grand.

  4. nruit Says:

    Can’t beat a plan and the right tools!

  5. Robin Says:

    COOL! Goodness you are making me want to get cracking on some more house stuff here. I am determined to have drywall in the two upstairs rooms by the end of the year.

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