All closed up

Our siding project is making good progress.  As of this afternoon, we’ve added more fiberglass insulation, foamed every gap we could see, the sheathing is on and we are almost done adding house wrap where possible.  I feel a lot better that the house is now closed up.  We need to finish the house wrap, repair some trim in the far corner and we will be ready to put on the siding.  

We decided to critter-proof the new vent with some hardware cloth strategically placed just inside the damper.  Then we slipped it into its assigned spot.

One of the many things I love about our little town is are the resources we have to hand.  Last night we made a call to the local guy who sells us our firewood.  He also has a sawmill, and when we explained what we needed, he said, yup, “I’ve got some pine board and I’ll run it through the planer for you — it will be ready in the morning.”  He even offered to deliver it at no extra cost.  We opted to pick it up, and sure enough, it was all ready for us.   Gotta love that!

While Dan readied the table saw to rip two of the boards to the needed width, I made a template to cut the hole for the sump pipe drain.  I used a brown paper bag cut to size, made sure the fit was really accurate, then transferred the template to the sheathing board.  From there we cut the hole for the drain pipe, and fitted the board into place, it worked amazingly well, and left hardly any gap to caulk.

The sheathing completed, I worked on hanging the Typar while Dan cut the clapboard nails to allow us to slip the new siding under the overlap.  This is a very tedious, but necessary task.  Lucky for us, the guy helping us at Hancock Lumber gave us a great tip — use a hacksaw blade wrapped with duct tape to cut the nails.  The handle-less blade readily slips under the siding, and if you use the blade to cut on the downstroke, it is much easier, and goes much more quickly.

While Home Depot and Lowes have their place, I’ve gotta say, it is rare that you get such great advice at Lowes or HD –the exception being Amy at the Augusta Home Depot who steered us to some nice granite tile years ago when we were installing our dishwasher.

We hope to finish up the Typar wrap tomorrow, then tackle the trim on the corner.  The end is in sight, still a ways away, but in sight.


3 Responses to “All closed up”

  1. Mangochild Says:

    Even seeing that hint of light showing the end is a hopeful thing. And I am impressed at all the resources you have there – and the people who are there to guide you. How did you learn these skills to start with?

  2. Robin Says:

    You two are doing a great job! I am so happy to hear that you didn’t put vinyl siding on your home. Although the manufacturers try to say that there is an R value to the siding…..there isn’t! My profession is construction management and have supervised the construction of over 1000 homes (none the type I would live in…if you know what I mean).

    I agree with you regarding The Big Orange and Lowe’s. You will not get the quality and sound advice and experience there. There is nothing better then the local hardware stores, lumber mills & craftsmen.

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Robin Says:

    It’s coming along. Very nice.

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