Happy Anniversary to us

Nine years ago today, Dan and I exchanged vows in front of friends and family in the backyard here at Henbogle.  It was a great day, full of happiness, and I would do it again in a second.  Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!  I Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by spending the day with you, even if it is while working on the house.


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  1. Robin Says:

    Oh, how nice. Happy Anniversary!! Our 2nd anniversary is Monday! We got married in the Rose Garden nearby our home and had a celebration at the house. Wedding celebrations are always the best at home!

    I guess that I will have to post some of our pics on Monday!!

  2. Laurie Meunier Graves Says:

    Happy, happy anniversary! Truly, a day to celebrate.

  3. GrafixMuse Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and Dan!

  4. mangochild Says:

    Happy anniversary to you both :-) A glorious day indeed.

  5. villager Says:

    Wishing you both a Happy Anniversary and many more to come!

  6. jeannie177 Says:

    Happy Anniversary Dan & Ali! It was Blessed and Beautifully Glorious Day. Two People that were ment to be ARE. Love you Both Very Much.

  7. julie Says:

    Happy Anniversary Ali and Dan. What a good looking group of family and friends. Wishing you many more years of love and happiness.

  8. Annie's Granny Says:

    Ali and Dan, happy anniversary. May you have many more loving years together.

  9. Kelly Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. mscarlita Says:

    It was a splendid day! Happy Anniversary!

  11. meemsnyc Says:

    Happy anniversary. Congrats!

  12. nruit Says:


  13. Daphne Says:

    Happy belated anniversary!

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