Project begets project

bottom row of trim completed

Today was a productive day at Henbogle.  Yesterday we had hot, extremely humid weather with occasional rain sprinkles and severe thunderstorm warnings — not weather conducive to productivity especially when it involved setting the compound miter saw in the yard.

flashing installed above trim board

Today we finished some of the trickier parts of this project — adding the trim piece to the sill.  This piece protects the sill and the bottom rows of clapboards from the elements on this damp corner of the house, so we over-engineered it to last.  We used pressure-treated lumber for the trim; painted it with housepaint primer before it went on; painted each end with primer, and sealed the joint between trim pieces with silicone caulk, and carefully cut the holes for the sump drain and oil tanks and caulked them thoroughly.  The last step was adding flashing along the top of the trim board to deflect water away from the top edge.

This is probably overkill, but neither Dan nor I want to do this again.  I am fairly certain we could not afford to pay someone to do this work with the level of detail we gave it.  I fully expect this wall will outlast us, and I intend to leave Henbogle feet first.

We still have the corner trim on the east corner to repair/replace.  And of course, in looking at that work, we noticed some other work we need to do on some paneling around a part of the house that has a crawl space rather than a basement.  Sigh.

Right now we are hoping to get the clapboard on tomorrow, and maybe even a first coat of paint.  That will leave Sunday for us to prepare for our annual camping trip to Cobscook Bay State Park.  I am really looking forward to that.  When we get home, our new window should be awaiting us and with luck we will get the window installed before school begins.

And after the window, we need to hook up the range vent to the new external duct we installed.

No rest for the wicked here at Henbogle!!


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  1. jeannie Says:

    It’s coming along nicely! (Must be we learned a little something when we were young. Working on the building in Dover Plains.)

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