Siding almost complete

By 7 pm last night, we completed as much of the siding as possible until the new bathroom window is installed.  Once the last nail was in, I called for pizza, then helped Dan clean up the tools and caulk application mess.  It is a big relief to have it done, as we plan to head to Cobscook on Monday.  When we return, our new window should have arrived and we can complete the siding and paint.

I had hoped we’d have had the first coat of paint on the new siding, but clearly I was underestimating how long it would take to install.  Some of the work was pretty challenging — installing the trim and siding around the hose bib, sump drain exit, and the new kitchen vent required a bit of thinking for us, but we did it, and did it well, and saved ourselves some big bucks in the process.  The bottom trim piece and first row of siding took more time to install that the rest of the siding all together.

The new range vent was tricky as it required us to make cut-outs in two pieces of siding, and have them match up.  Not as easy as it sounds especially when we are trying to match the overlap of the old siding, which was not exactly even — not even close!

Once the siding was on, we caulked thoroughly with mold-resistant silicone caulk, making sure we completely sealed the gaps at the end of each row of siding and around the vents, pipes, etc.  Caulk is very useful stuff but it has an extremely high PITA factor.

The timing could be better, as I would like to pickle that big pile of cucumbers, but this project was on the A list, and a camping vacation before school begins is right below it.  Pickles are in the B category.  I just hope my chicken caretaker friends will take some cukes and squash and tomatoes home with them while I’m away!

Don’t forget to look for the Perseids meteor showers next week.  Thursday is the peak viewing, but more will be appearing every night until then.  Perseid meteors originate from low in the northeastern sky, and are most visible in the predawn hours.


3 Responses to “Siding almost complete”

  1. Robin Says:

    I think that you are making great progress and are doing an excellent job! Keep up the good work and enjoy your vacation!

    There will be plenty of cucumbers when you get home to make pickles!

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow, the siding project is coming along! It’s going to be so amazing! I am definitely planning to watch the meteor shower. I hope we can see it with all the city lights near us!

  3. jeannie Says:

    Looks great guys!

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