Feeling saucy

I may finally be recovering from the emotional devastation of last year’s non-existent tomato crop.  On today’s agenda:  roasted tomato sauce.  I use all the tomatoes, not just the paste tomatoes, as I like the flavor and cannot possibly eat them all fresh (although I give it my best effort!).  I halve or quarter the tomatoes, roast them in a medium oven until soft and the skins are just beginning to blacken, then run the tomatoes through our tomato strainer and follow the process for canned tomato sauce.  YUM!


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  1. The Mom Says:

    I know what you mean about the emotional devastation of last year. I’m still clinging to every one of the 100lbs or so of tomatoes I’ve gotten so far. They seem so very precious now.

  2. Daphne Says:

    Last year was hard. This year has been so wonderful for tomatoes. I confess that I’m missing fresh lettuce this summer, but the tomatoes do make up for it.

  3. Sara Says:

    Mmm, that sounds good. I froze a few bags of roasted toms last year, but sauce seems like a good idea too!

    So glad you are having a better tomato year. Last year we did get blight, but thankfully only a week or so before the first frost anyway. We are living under a threat of it this year (supposedly it’s in the area) and due to all the rain I have pretty much every type of fungal issue going on in the lower leaves. But so far the rest of the plants are looking healthy, and I *almost* have enough salsa canned already. I think we might make it!

  4. Annie's Granny Says:

    I’m heading into the frozen tomato sauce/paste mode soon, as I’m just about out of jars. I tried roasted tomatoes with basil last year, frozen, and really liked the intense flavor. I do wish I had more freezer room, but mine is nearly full.

  5. villager Says:

    I roasted another batch today. These are bound for the freezer. Last year was a bad year for our tomatoes too, so we are enjoying them while we got ’em!

  6. weekendfarmer Says:

    wow! What a harvest! Good for you. We have no tomatoes this year : ). Thats ok though. The garden can’t always be producing.

    Hope you 2 are well!

  7. nruit Says:

    Looks like a great haul!

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